Al-Huffaz Management was established in 2016 and they are currently managing more than a hundred skilled educators who are highly qualified and licensed to teach the holy book of Al-Quran as they are endorsed by the Brunei’s Religious Council. Our students (and counting) in a ranging age of 2 to 70 years olds all across Brunei, Australia and the United Kingdom subscribe to the services provided by Al-Huffaz Management.

The business foundation of Al-Huffaz Management is to cater to the public the Islamic based teaching services mainly the private classes at private homes or any preferred place for instance mosque for four times a month. One of many advantages of Al-Huffaz Management is the fluidity and flexibility of location and time as well as the age and gender for both educators and the students i.e one can choose the (preferred) educators as well as time and location depending on one’s availability. Most of the Al-Quran educators are religious background graduates from local and abroad universities.

Not only Al-Quran and Iqra' Teaching services, we also provide Arabic language and SSRU classes upon request. We provide ustaz and ustazah for islamic ceremonies such as leading prayers, zikir, tausyeh.

Under Al-Huffaz Management, we have Al-Huffaz Leaders which they help to produce confident, innovative and resilient youth leaders in upholding Syakhsiah, Islamic Leadership and Culture.

Al-Huffaz Leaders is a social-enterprise company under Al-Huffaz Management which unites youth leaders towards Brunei's Vision 2035 through various organized projects such as camps, community services, leadership programs, motivational talks, Islamic Cultural competitions and so on.

More than 500 youths have participated in the activities that have been revealed throughout its establishment since 2017.

With the projects being organized results in more innovative and productive youths that ends with more involvements in various organizations or associations as committee members or volunteer.